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          Nurse Education. 5 Level Triage & Patient Assessment. Nursing Manuals. Nurse Education


          Nurse Education clients

          Nurse Education provides dynamic health care education solutions to clients across Canada ...

          and now worldwide through our online education program

          Some of our Canadian valued clients include:

          • Centenary Health Centre
            Scarborough ON
          • Central Regional Health Board
            Dartmouth NS
          • Dartmouth General Hospital
            Dartmouth NS
          • Forrest Green Corporation
            Richmond Hill ON
          • Georgian College
            Barrie ON
          • Halton Health Care Services - Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital
            Oakville ON
          • Healthcare Labour Adjustment Agency
            Vancouver BC
          • Humber River Regional Hospital
            Mississauga ON
          • Lakeridge Health Care
            Oshawa ON
          • Lincoln Place Nursing 中国体彩官方客户端app下载
            Toronto ON
          • Laval House - Spiritan Fathers
            Toronto ON
          • Markham Stouffville Hospital
            Markham ON
          • Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
            Nanaimo BC
          • Nipigon District Memorial Hospital
            Nipigon ON
          • North York General Hospital, General Division
            Toronto ON
          • North York General Hospital, Branson Division
            Toronto ON
          • Ontario Hospital Association
            Toronto ON
          • Ontario Science Centre
            Toronto ON
          • Soldier's Memorial Hospital
            Orillia ON
          • Southlake Regional Health Centre
            Richmond Hill ON
          • St Michael's Hospital
            Toronto ON
          • Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Science Centre - Women's College Division
            Toronto ON
          • TD Bank
            Toronto ON
          • Toronto East General Hospital
            Toronto ON
          • West Parry Sound
            Parry Sound ON
          • York Central Hospital
            Richmond Hill ON

          Client Testimonials

          "All project scopes were delivered as completely as promised, in the timeframe indicated, demonstrating competence and professionalism".
          Allison Patrick, Manager, Mt Sinai Hospital

          Online Education

          "The reviews of the online program by our staff reinforces the success of the education. I would recommend future products as I feel they will be of the same high quality and meet the client needs."
          S. Mills, Acting Clinical Leader Manager, St Michael's Hospital

          "An excellent online educational program which offered the staff an opportunity to professionally develop 24/7 during these most challenging times."
          L. Haj-Assaad, Director, Toronto East General Hospital

          "At first (not being an Emergency Nurse), I thought that the material would be beyond my skill set. But having downloaded and tried the free demo, I realized that this program will benefit anyone who provides patient care. Fantastic."
          – P. Burns, NYGH

          "This is one of the best computer based learning programs that I have ever experienced. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in Emergency Nursing."
          – Andrea Santerini RN, Emergency

          I would most definitely recommend this program for content alone however, the graphics and set-up kept the learner engaged in a meaningful way throughout the program. Excellent program.
          – Kim Graham RN, Nurse Educator

          "A great guide to Emergency Nursing with challenging application based interaction, making it a very innovative approach."
          – Lisa Sutherland RN, Emergency

          Printed Educational Materials
          "Identified needs and filled them with innovative and effective solutions. An ability to synthesize and present information in a manner conducive to effective adult education and in doing so has made a significant contribution to nursing education".
          Glen Bandiera, MD, MEd, FRCP, St Michael's Hospital

          "The books are unique and stand as a concrete testament to the commitment to educating nurses. The nursing programs are all excellent and a huge contribution to medical education".
          Derek Jones, MD, FRCP, MCFP, FACEP


          "You were reliable, delivered on time the content you committed to and I was always impressed to see you go the extra mile. You are very professional in your approach, always looking for feedback so that you can improve the manner in which you deliver your services. I want to express my sincere appreciation for your dedication and hard work with this contract. Your commitment will support our efforts to continuously improve the quality of patient care we deliver".
          Marla Fryers, VP People Strategies & CNO Toronto East General Hospital

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          Our clients speak for themselves. Read what they have to say!

          See more about our online education program.