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          Nurse Education. 5 Level Triage & Patient Assessment. Online Education. Nursing Education Materials. Nurse Education, continuing education, clinical consultants


          About Nurse Education

          At some point in our lives, each of us will experience the health care system first-hand! It might be as a patient, a care provider or in a supporting role.

          Nurse Education's proven methodology elevates the level of care and efficiency and empowers health care practitioners through enhanced knowledge and expertise.

          Our goal is to standardize health care at a level of excellence and decrease risk while managing costs

          Our service is twofold:

          • To provide commonly needed educational materials
          • To develop education specific to your organizational needs

          Our development categories include:

          • Computer-based learning (online education)
          • Brochures, posters, logos, newsletters, desk top publishing and corporate image
          • Power Point Presentations
          • Educational program reviews, seminars and tests
          • Online education consulting – Moving your organization’s education online

          Who we are:

          Jo-Ann Rowe - Founder of Nurse Education

          Nurse Education was founded by Jo-Ann Rowe, RN, EMCA, BA, MEd. A dynamic and respected clinical leader as well as a published author with over 15 years of demonstrated success in her field.

          Nurse Education provides professional clinical consulting to both the private and public sector in areas such as Acute Care, 中国体彩官方客户端app下载 Care, Long Term Care and Community Settings.

          Moira Connelly

          Moira Connelly, RN, brings her wealth of clinical expertise in both Critical Care and Emergency settings, together with her artistic talent to create a unique blend as our interactive architect, graphic artist, webmaster and clinical content reviewer.

          Moira has never failed to stand on principle in her pursuit of quality patient care, which is distinctly evident in her work. She is an invaluable part of the Nurse Education team.

          Dave Flowitt

          Dave Flowitt, MEd, has been involved in technical training for over 20 years and computer-based training for almost that long. He holds a Master of Education degree from OISE (University of Toronto) in Computer Applications.

          Dave creates interactive and challenging computer-based training applications using a wide variety of instructional approaches and techniques. He uses high end cbt development tools to fashion engaging and effective learning.

          Shirley Anderson

          Shirley Anderson is a production genius who brilliantly tweaks and turns the seemingly impossible into winning reality! She brings over 25 years of print production expertise with several top advertising agencies and has played a key role in the branding of many of North America's most successful products and companies.

          Shirley is the creative force behind the design and development of the highly acclaimed Wine Access Magazine, as well as numerous health-related publications. Her logos, cover designs and layouts are a testament to her years of experience.

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          Key Strategies:

          Access to online education 24/7

          Proven methodology for client assessment

          Written tools, incorporating the methodology

          Please email us for more information

          Nurse Education's online continuing nursing education activity is approved by the New York State Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Centerís Commission on Accreditation

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